by The Smarthearts

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released April 12, 2016



all rights reserved


The Smarthearts Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Make My Misery
i know its not right
but i pull you closer just to twist the night
and now you're not coming home
it breaks my heart to watch you go
there's a thorn in my side
i twist and turn right through the night
all i got is my pride there's no one to blame

pass to my your loving cup
slake my thirst before i throw it up
im lost to myself and now
i can hardly stand to think about
the interiors of my life
i'm desperate for relief at times
i've wasted so many hours and i'm going insane

but girl
you've got that hold on me

and i can't seem to break free
and i make my misery

when i cry
i dont make a sound
i'm living with the dread of getting shot down this has to end now
Track Name: No Remorse
what justice can we claim?
when the weakest ones are getting shot down
and we do our best to do the same
but we all need someone to blame
and we all need somewhere to aim

pride comes before the fall
half of them, they got a long walk
half of us, we wanna wall
but the greatest crime of all
is pretending not to hear the call
with hearts and minds so small
to have the arrogance and the gall
to have no

no remorse
there's no discourse
if you found yourself one the other side would you reverse?
would you decry between yours and mine or would you rejoice?

the money at the top don't bleed
you can hold your nose while you jog on
and spit your racist screed
while they're running like refugees
looking for somewhere to be

someday soon you're gonna see
what it takes to hold somebody else down
creates a hunger that needs to feed
so i'll give you some advice to heed
you better get on your knees and plead
you better reckon with your misdeeds
cuz when you're paying for your greed
there'll be no
Track Name: Let's Ride
it's hard luck living the basement
cuz all i wanna do is get stoned
i'm looking for a chance to make it
i'm striking out on my own

it's hard to get something when you dont got nothing
and i'm just tryna get in the mix
i'm west of the river looking east to the city
tryna get some modern kicks

it's so much fun and it's all i want
just to ride to the beach underneath the sun
rockin' with my baby in the deep blue sea
i wonder if she'll ever come back to me
it's hard fast and it's never slow
so gimme the beat boys and free my soul

let's ride

i gotta walk around the corner
the house is giving me the fits
i wanna stay up a little bit longer
but you're smoking all my cigarettes

i'm wanna get action but we're losing our traction
looking for the party lights
i'm looking for a feeling that can gimme some relief and i dont care if it takes all night
Track Name: Memory Man
when i get a bad idea i wanna call you girl
but i dont know what you got in your heart
well, i put your picture away
but maybe i should tear it apart
i keep it hidden somewhere dark

what do you think about when you're all alone?
do ya wanna reach out for the telephone
i miss you by my side
i guess im better off on my own
but i loved you like i loved no one

i'm the memory man
i dont know what i want
im the memory man
i'm lost in my thoughts
i'm the memory man
and i'm thinking bout what used to be

if you want you can drop me a line
i still think about you from time to time
and when i look into her eyes
i'm somewhere else in my mind
i'm travelin thru space
and thru time

it's hard to decide which feelings
to trust or deny
are you concealing the way you feel inside?
tell me that you want me